Office Setup

Are you setting up a new business? Or maybe you’re ready to move from Windows to Mac in your business? Maybe it is just time to grow your business to the next level.

Any which way My Support Pad has a solution for you. With years of experience in implementing real world solutions for businesses, we can get your office setup correctly the first time allowing you to grow and focus on your products and offerings, NOT your IT.

Email setup

Need help setting up email for your domain? Done! Want to host it yourself? Check out Kerio Connect the best choice for your business. Perhaps you would rather have someone else manage your email service. We have helped countless others migrate to Google Apps and Microsoft 365. Either way it is your choice, but if you need help deciding we can help with that, too.

File sharing

So we all generate files and files of information. One of the oldest problems computer users have faced is how to share these files with others. More recently the question has become “How do I access my files from wherever I am on whatever device I am using” (think Smartphone).

If you’re looking to share your files over the Cloud or create your own private Cloud, we got it. From setting up Dropbox and teaching you and your users to use it, to deploying Synology for both traditional and synced content for your private Cloud, consider it done. Maybe you just want files shared on your local network with your computers and iPhones. We can setup a Mac server for you, too.

Other things to consider

We know that we cannot address all of your needs or our solutions on one page. Below are a few more things to think about. Be aware this is not meant to be a complete list, just the most common things people are looking for.

  1. Security and Remote access
  2. Website Design
  3. Printing
  4. Training

Why choose My Support Pad

At My Support Pad, we approach every customer with respect and offer the best solution to fit their needs. We know our business and realize you know yours. With years of experience in all computing platforms, we bring a unique perspective to the process. Mainly, we believe that using the right tool for the job is important. This is usually Mac but sometimes you need Windows to get the job done. Either way we can get you setup the right way the first time.

Contact us today to discuss your office setup.