The Cloud

One of our favorite terms is “The Cloud” what does that even mean?

We know that is nothing more then a marketing term for servers accessed over the internet. That means that when your setup your email server you are starting your private cloud. My Support Pad can help you take that further. Whether you want to access your application wherever you are or need a file syncing service so your documents are securely placed on your computer and devices regardless of where you are we have a solution.

Maybe you don’t want to host your own servers and just want to offload all of that I.T. work elsewhere? We have helped countless others setup Dropbox hosted email and even Hosted Filemaker databases. Perhaps you have a web application in mind or need a CRM solution setup and don’t want to run your own server. Any which way you want it we know how to get it done.

Or maybe just maybe you need your application hosted on a premiere datacenter and someone suggested “The Cloud” to you. Now you need to figure out what this means. We have helped other companies setup their secured servers on services like Rackspace, Amazon’s AWS and similar. This gives you a dedicated server that you manage while hosting in a datacenter that someone spent million$ on. Again it is your business and your decision we are simply here to help and guide you to the best decision you can make.

So remember whether your looking for Cloud services for Communication and Collaboration or need a secure place to host your application My Support Pad has the right experience to make your project successful. We have been speaking cloud since before the add agencies coined the term and believe in its future. No matter if it is your private cloud or renting space on someone else’s.

Excited? Contact us now and let’s get you on the internet!