So you have all of these new tools, but how do they make your life better? Getting the tools is not enough. You also need to learn how to use them.

We have found 90% of support is nothing more then helping people learn how to use their technology. We also understand that you need to use your tools in the way that makes sense to you. So rather then focusing on the “right” way, we focus on “your” way. In order to do this, we partner with you to develop a work flow that makes sense for your entire organization and develop training and documentation around that.

IOS Training

As an Apple Mobile Technology Competency certified consultant, we can help you get the most from your iPad and iPhone. From learning to use the device or the management tools at your disposal, we have you covered. We focus on teaching you the core usage of IOS devices and then helping you find the apps that will optimize your IOS experience.

Office for Mac

We hold the Microsoft Office for Mac Support Professional certification. This means that Microsoft trusts us to teach you Office and show you how to get the most out of your Office experience. Whether you’re a long time Office for Mac user or moving from Windows, we have tips and tricks that will make you more productive.

Mac training

So you finally got a Mac and you’re saying “Now what?”. We specialize in “switchers” and will teach you all you need to know to get the most from your new computer. We start with basic things like showing you how to “right click” on the Mac (yes you can) to configuring the interface in a way that makes sense to you. We also will teach you the main differences in the way you run a Mac vs. your legacy Windows PC.

Already a Mac pro? We can teach you how to get into the internals and really extend what your Mac can do! Maybe you want to learn how to administrate the Macs at your office? We’d love to teach you how to do that. Got an IT person on staff that only knows Windows? We can get them up to speed in no time to make your migration successful.

Contact us today to schedule your training.