We ♥ technology and business!

Founded by a 20+ year veteran of Information Technology, with experience in delivering solutions to fortune 500 companies.

Focusing on finding the right solutions to make your business run as smoothly as possible.
About our Firm:

My Support Pad exists today with the simple goal of making your technology disappear from your daily thoughts. We want the tools you use to be as seamless and powerful as possible. Your day to day life is complicated enough without having to think about the basic pieces in place that let you make your magic happen.


A Brief History

It's hard to know where you're going unless you take a second to look at where you've come from.

We keep track of little milestones and big ones because it helps our clients know that we have 'Been There, Done That' when it comes to building up a small business.  We have started companies in the garage and turned them into multi million dollar enterprises then gone out and done it again.

We know what it takes to be successful and we help our clients gain from that experience.

- MacTech Boot Camp

In March 2011, our founder attended the Mactech Bootcamp. Having recently been part of the sale of an ISP, he was looking for the next adventure.

He quickly discovered a market for qualified Apple professionals, and decided to create a new kind of consulting service, one focused on bringing value, not just 'repairs' to the consultant market.

- My Support Pad Launches!

Without wasting any time, My Support Pad launches.

A new consulting practice, focused on helping as many people as possible in both Mac and Windows environments at home or at work.

Quickly this proves to be one of the most fulfilling and challenging ventures taken on in our history.

- Apple 'Mobile Competency' Achieved

In September of 2011 My Support Pad became one of  only 100 Apple Consultants in North America to earn the Mobility Competency Certification.

This began our ramp up support of IOS for all of our customers. This effort continues to this day.

- Apple 'ACTC' Achieved

ACTC - Apple Certified Technical Coordinator

This certification is designed for system administrators who provide support to "OS X" users, as well as maintain the "OS X Server"  platform.

- Apple 'ACMIA' Achieved

ACAMI - Apple Certified Mac Integration Associate

This certification is designed for support professionals that help migrate users and servers from one platform to the other.

- Apple 'ACSP' Achieved

ACTC - Apple Certified Support Professional

This certification is designed for Support Professionals who help users with managing and running their environments.

Kris Kenyon

Mr. Kris Kenyon, Founder / CEO, has been the driving force since the very beginning.  His attention to detail, his deep and broad knowledge of all aspects of Information Technology make him invaluable to any organization that needs to have his kind of experience at a fraction of the cost of a Full Time Resource.

Phil Walsh

Mr. Phil Walsh, Senior Consultant, Has worked with Kris for over 20 years on numerous projects including a successful ISP in the DFW area.  His skills include networking, WiFI as well as business process analysis and Marketing.  He is a team leader and mentor who has built successful businesses and knows what it takes to make sure your message is clear and strong.

You, Our Client

As our Client, we team up with you to analyze and utilize our years of experience dealing with other companies to help with process and workflow.  We aren't just the IT guys, to be successful, we become your business partners in what you do and you become a partner in what we do.

Our Philosophy:

We find today that there are those who want to believe in something and there are those with a true conviction.

This is simply a general statement.  When someone is  a real believer in 'whatever' then they act with purpose and  conviction toward that goal.


With that in mind:

We believe that we can help any business achieve its goals by using the right technology and sometimes a little creativity to achieve results.

We believe the result of good work is more work.

We believe that money is a byproduct, NOT the goal of a successful business and we operate to that end.

We especially believe that when you succeed, we succeed.