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My Support Pad exists today with the simple goal of making your technology disappear from your daily thoughts. We want the tools you use to be as seamless and powerful as possible. Your day to day life is complicated enough without having to think about the basic pieces in place that let you make your magic happen.

A brief History:

  • March 2011 - Attended Mactech Bootcamp

    In March our founder Kris Kenyon attended Mactech Bootcamp. Having recently sold his ISP he was looking for his next adventure. While listening to others talk about their Mac based consultancies he realized that there was a market and a need for qualified Apple professionals.

  • April 2011 - My Support Pad Launches

    Not wanting to waste any time Kris Launches My Support Pad. An Apple based consulting practice with the goal of helping as many businesses and people as possible.

    Quickly this proves to be one of the most fulfilling business ventures ever taken by Kris.

  • October 2011 - Apple Mobile Competency earned

    In September of 2011 My Support Pad became one of the first 100 Apple Consultants in North America to earn the Mobility Competency.

    With this we began ramping up support of IOS for all of our customers. To this day we continue to believe in the Post PC world.

  • June 2012

    My Support Pad achieved ACTC in Mac OS X Lion. This continued to allow us to show we knew Mac and could help your business achieve the most from its technology spend.

  • February 2013 - We got Mountain Lion

    Continuing on the path of keeping current My Support Pad earns ACTC in Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

    We really love the enhanced Calendar experience and Notification Center.

  • Today

    Our newest customer (you) found our site and is ready to begin their journey towards a more seamless and pleasant computing experience.