Open Letter on Peace

Marco, Let me start out by saying I do not know you. I like many listen to ATP and read your blog and even had a short twitter conversation with you, but that is a far cry from knowing someone. I write this letter because I know you are having a bad day and I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. When it comes.

Blogging is hard

When I redid my site I promised to myself I would blog weekly.  Sadly between work and prioritization that just did not happen.  I originally envisioned this blog as a place for quick tips for switchers and even long time Mac users.  Sadly I have been remiss in this.  For anyone reading this blog please accept my sincerest apology, I will spend more time blogging in the future.  If anyone.

The only operating system that counts

This week I once again found myself explaining the only operating system that means anything in todays computing world.  That is the Internet.  If you think about it between 50% and 100% of what you do on your computer is internet related.  When people look at computers for their parents they only want them to be able to surf the web, check email and maybe video chat with the grandchildren..

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