Support for your Business

So you have computers and you have problems (redundant I know). We are here to help. Whether you're trying to simply send an email and it's not working or that network you had setup by some guy 10 years ago isn't getting it done, call us.

With an extensive background in technology, we have what it takes to make sure you get your work done. Technology becomes the tool it is supposed to be rather then another item on your task list.

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Code FTW.

Do you need a website? We can build a website that reflects your taste and style showcasing your business. We focus on Wordpress (hey, this site is Wordpress), building the framework for your site and allowing you to update the content from wherever you are. This includes updating from your phone when you need to make that quick change.

If you need something more custom, we can do that, too. From web applications that showcase your products or something you have never seen before, talk to us. We can help.

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So you bought a new computer or iPad. Maybe you're just looking to make your technology yours? Our trainers are here for you.

Why are we your best choice? We tailor our training to how you work. Rather then showing up with a canned workflow, we sit with you and determine what it is you want to do and teach to that. Just want a simple way to get the job done? We can help you setup a workflow that makes sense to you and leave detailed instructions so you can replicate it over and over.

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Home Help

Computer problems follow you home and, even if you have IT help at the office, they won't always come with you. Maybe your wifi just won't get it done or you can't get on the internet. Call us now. Seriously, don't wait. Call us now.

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Mobile is Awesome

As Apple certified in iPhone / iPad Mobility, My Support Pad can help you with your mobile strategy. Whether you're trying to keep your data yours or need to enable your mobile workforce to excel in new ways, we are here to make your dreams a reality.

From addressing security to making sure your staff can access corporate tools from anywhere, our consulting services can help you make the decision, deploy the solution and get you working from the beach...if that's what you want to do.

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Office Setup

Your business is growing and suddenly you need something better then that cheap email you have or storage has become a scarce resource. Or maybe you finally decided that you need a Mac and so does everyone in your office.

We are here to get your office up to speed and make your communications with clients and staff seamless. Want backup? Yep, we can help. Need to get to the office while at home? That's us. Need a custom solution to run your office? Well, we partner with companies to provide that but setup all of the hardware and configurations to support it.

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Got Cloud?

We do. From Dropbox to Google Apps and even Office 365 to Amazon's AWS and Rackspace, we speak Cloud. But what if you want to host your own Cloud? With Apple, Synology and Kerio we can build your self hosted Cloud right in your office.

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