Home Help

We know your home is not your office. Solutions that work there are not the right fit when you’re at home.

We also know that you play as hard as you work and your home should reflect that. Maybe this means you want to play your favorite IOS game on your TV or you want to have your digital library available where you are. Any which way, talk to us. We can help you achieve things at home that will make your business jealous.

On the more serious side, we also know that sometimes you’re trying to get your “life work” done and your computer just isn’t cooperating. Maybe you want to watch TV and get some work done but that wifi router you bought just won’t reach. Or maybe it is something else entirely. Regardless of the problem, My Support Pad will work with you to solve all of life’s problems. Well, the computer ones anyway.

Contact us now. Operators are standing by! (not really but it works on TV)