I want to be your IT guy!

No, really I do! And you know what else? I want you to use Apple Computers to do your business. Okay, now that I have scared 90% of you away in those two sentences, why don’t the rest of us talk.

You see, I started with computers at the age of 7 running DOS and editing cryptic files so I could get computer games to run. I knew what a floppy disk was when they still flopped. So growing up computer, I naturally went to Windows and had a fine career supporting large enterprises with the management of their Windows machines. And, yes, in the enterprise where they can afford a team of people, Windows makes sense.

But in your small business, you need to run the tools that will not be in the way of letting you get your work done. Today that is the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Besides looking cooler then anything else on the market, they also just plain work. This means you don’t have to fight with them every time you want to type out a word document or check your email. I know what your next question is: “Can I still interface with Windows users?” In the age of the Internet and it’s standards you can. I personally run Microsoft Office on my Mac not because of compatibility, but simply because I like Office. I think it is the one product Microsoft truly excels at and I want to use it. Outside of that, most companies are moving to support the Mac platform and there is software to do anything you want to do on a computer.

You know what else I truly believe? Mac users are more productive. Here’s why: most Mac users can get their work done without a barrage of daily (or hourly) virus updates. Additionally, when you boot your brand new Mac, it is not loaded with trial software and every browser bar imaginable. It is clean and loaded with software you will actually want to use.

Of course I can also help you with the rest of the things you need to run your business, including shared storage, email, calendaring and, of course backups. Oh, and those server things.

So contact me now and let’s get you working.