The right tool for the Job

So are long time customers will notice that we have launched a new website. the rest of you welcome we hope you enjoy what you see.

Now I titled this blog post as the right tool for the job. I want to stress this as it is important. When we think about tools we think about hammers screwdrivers etc.. But those things don’t reflect the world we live in today. Today are tools are Computers, Smartphone’s and even the software we run on those. Further it is also the platform we run our websites on.

Let me run over a few of the tools I find essential in my day to day life. This list is really my top 5 and is not meant to be anything more then what it is I personally use to get everything done I need to get done.

  1. My Mac Computer
    • The cornerstone of my workday!
  2. Omnifocus
    • My entire task list lives here. Best part is I can manage it from my computer, iPhone and iPad. If it is not there I probably won’t get it done.
  3. Evernote
    • Have you ever forgotten something? With Evernote you can organize all of those things you needed once or the stuff you need everyday.
  4. My iPhone
    • Ever fix a server on the go? I have and I owe it all to Steve Jobs.
    • Yes this is number 4 but the trick is that my stuff is available wherever I am (see #2 and #3) and let’s face I like the big screen as much as you do.
  5. WordPress
    • It turns out that this one surprises even me. You see once setup I rarely even think about WordPress. That said it is the introduction so many of my customers were given. Also with my thoughts of everything everywhere this so fits in. I love updating things from my iPhone and iPad and even my Nexus 7 Tablet.

I give these examples in a hope you’ll look at your day and determine what tools you need. I would then ask you to determine if you always have access when you need them. If not maybe your not using the right tool for the Job.

Now I am not saying the Mac is always the right tool (Quickbooks users I am looking at you) nor am I saying you need to have an iPhone, in a lot of ways Android is very compelling. The important part is finding the solutions that fit your needs and making sure that they let you work in as seamless fashion as possible.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my random thought of the week and that you check back often. I plan on posting weekly and hope to offer something to think about or at least entertain you for a few minutes.